FAQs for Online Learning

FAQs for Online Students

Listed below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we get from both our prospective and current online students. If you have any additional questions that you can't find the answer to, reach out to our online learning team today!

Click here to view technology requirements and information about technology used by NCC students.

Some courses may require online testing to be completed using a web-based test proctoring tool.


Some courses require students to complete off-campus field experiences such as observations, research projects, internships, or other practical experiences. Students can contact Admissions 610.861.5500 or adminfo@northampton.edu for information on field experience requirements for specific programs.

Online course tuition is equivalent to on-campus course tuition. Specific details on tuition costs are listed here.


Because financial aid varies for each individual, we strongly recommend that you can contact the Financial Aid Office at 610.861.5510 to discuss your financial aid options.

Online courses are offered year round. This includes Spring, Mid-Spring, Summer, Fall, Mid-Fall, and Winter.

Online blended courses require students to meet online in real-time on a set schedule. Attendance and participation in these courses is measured both by participation in live online sessions as well as how often you log into the course web site and by completion of required weekly activities. You can access the course at your convenience to complete your coursework each week following your class syllabus.


Online courses do not include real-time online meetings. Attendance and participation in these courses are measured by how often you log into the course web site and by completion of required weekly activities. You can access the course at your convenience to complete your coursework each week following your class syllabus. 


Course start dates vary. Click here for video tutorials that demonstrate how to check your course start dates and any required meeting times.

Click here to view degrees and other programs that can be completed fully online.


Click here to view a list of courses that are offered online.


Click here to view information about online course formats, start dates, and registration instructions.

NCC has residence halls on campus, as well as an on-campus apartment building. Click here to find out more about our housing options.  You may also choose to live off campus.

Course start dates vary. Click here for a tutorial demonstrating how to check your meeting times and other course details.


Many online instructors will send out a start-of-semester message to their students near the start of the semester. They may post this on Blackboard or email it directly to their students' NCC email addresses. This message may provide details on how to get started with their specific course.


Most online courses use Blackboard. Blackboard is a website that can be accessed by any computer, tablet, or smartphone. It is strongly recommended that you use the Google Chrome Browser to access it. Although there is a mobile app, it does not provide the same content as the website provides. The website should be the primary way that students access course content.


Approximately 3 days before the first day of each course, students will be able to log in to Blackboard and access their individual course(s) from the "Courses" page. Refer here for Blackboard login instructions. 


If you do not have access to your course page by the first day, contact helpdesk@northampton.edu immediately for assistance.


For additional tips on preparing for an upcoming semester, review NCC's pre-semester checklist.

Typically, ACLS050, ENGL027, and COLS150 are only available in an on-campus format.


To check if specific courses are being offered during an upcoming semester, click here. Filter by "virtual campus" to access the list of online courses being offered.


If you have questions about developmental course requirements, contact the Academic Advising Office.

Most online learning students juggle busy schedules, work full- or part-time, have children, or can't easily get to campus. Online learning is for students who are motivated, work well independently and are comfortable using a computer. Check with your academic advisor to make sure the courses offered fit into your curriculum.

Online courses are offered in 3 different formats (online, remote, and online blended).


  • Click here for more information on the different course formats.
  • Click here to take a short quiz that will give you feedback on online learning in general. It will suggest challenges you might experience based on your personal preferences. For each challenge, you will be provided with college resources and other assistance that can support you to be a successful online student. 

Students can search for course materials through the NCC bookstore's website. Registered students can search by course section for required materials.

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